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I Know, I Know… But Making Resolutions in February Still Counts, Right?

No, seriously, making resolutions almost two whole months after the new year still counts, right? I sure hope so!

January has been ridiculously busy, and I can’t be alone in saying that I also want to pretend that it never happened. I still can’t believe that truly terrible things has happened to so many people in the span of days and weeks, and it feels like we live in this alternate dystopian world. February hasn’t been so fabulous either – something big happened in my personal life that I have no control over, and well… next thing I know, I’m barely able to post in my newly created blog. I’m not really making excuses – I just want you all to know what my headspace has been like the past few weeks. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has problems doing the things she usually enjoys when life hasn’t exactly been peachy.

I really do want to change my mindset of “I’m not going to do what I love when I feel horrible” though, and I think a post talking about my blogging resolutions would help. I tend to be someone who sulks and mopes when life is tough, and I’m really tired of letting days and weeks blur by. I want to start consciously doing what I actually want to do. My resolutions don’t contain numbers or anything like that – they focus on goals that I can achieve, and I think this will push me to be a bit better at this blogging thing.

I’m probably going to be wordy again, so sorry in advance! In case you’re new here, I like talking. A lot. Heh. Here are my blogging resolutions for 2020:

It’s okay to read ebooks. Read more ebooks, and stop buying physical books.
I used to read solely hardcovers and paperbacks, but something has changed the past two years – I’ve read only one physical book and more than a hundred ebooks. Ebooks are just so convenient – I only need my phone’s kindle app, and I can read during my lunch break, or when I’m commuting. Barely reading physical books used to make me feel so guilty – I would buy physical books and then let them sit in my bookshelves collecting dust, while also purchasing ebooks and reading through Kindle Unlimited. So for this year, I’m going to stop purchasing physical books, and I’ll primarily use KU instead. What’s not on KU I’ll buy ebooks of.

Create and update a blog calendar.
It’s surprising easy to create an online blog calendar, and it’s been a pretty big help to me so far. I’ve mapped out what February and March would look like in my blog, and I think having a system like this in place will help me schedule and plan ahead.

Write things down.
I tend to forget ideas for posts, and even what I want to put on ‘best of lists’. This sounds super basic, but maybe jotting things down on paper – be it ideas that I brainstormed or bullet points about a book I just read – will help me write posts quicker.

Read only what I want to read.
Again, very basic, but I’m only going to read what I want to read. I’m only going to request ARCs that interest me, and I really want to focus on promoting books that I have actually read and enjoyed.

Learn to compartmentalize.
This is the big one. I talked about this a little on twitter, and at the beginning of my post – I tend to fixate on all the bad things happening in my life, and as a result, I leave little time for the things I enjoy doing. When horrible things happen, I basically stop functioning, and I just let them take over my life. There’s nothing wrong about being upset, sure, but I’m exhausted of being defined by my mistakes, and of things I have no control over. After a particularly tough February, I made the decision to compartmentalize as much as I can. I’m going to make an effort to read and blog (and heck, even watch random TV series and movies) despite whatever else may be going on in my life, because I love reading and blogging. I want do do what I love. and hey, as much as possible, I should spend my free time doing things I enjoy.

Here’s a bonus: Attend a book signing, or a bookish event.
I’m not sure which signings and events I will be able to attend, but I’ll make sure to attend whatever I can attend.

That’s it for my resolutions, folks! What are some of yours? Cheers to a great rest of the year!

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  • Reply Louise

    Who says resolutions have to be set January 1rst? It’s a given since it’s the beginning of the new year but there are no rules about it. I haven’t set any for myself at all, except maybe to work more on my blog but that’s a given considering I started in November and there’s still a ton to do in it and for it.

    February 21, 2020 at 11:44 pm
  • Reply Nadene

    Great resolutions.

    March 11, 2020 at 3:26 am
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